How It Works

Do you know the feeling when your hands are freezing cold, and you would gladly offer 10% of your smartphone battery to warm your hands? This is exactly what this is for.

MacBookWarmer works on iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows mobile devices, Destop and Laptop Computers, and all smartphones. Simply add this page to your home screen for quick access.

Consider the environment: only use this app when you charge with renewable energy. We've built as many safety measures as we could to avoid damaging your phone. However, it's impossible for us to test all smartphones and can't take any responsibility for broken down batteries, phones or worse.

For your hands...simple open this website on your phone.

For a room or this website on your Mac, Laptop or Desktop computer

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    9.00 AM

    You're Cold

    And freezing and uncomfortable and nead heat/warmth to feel better
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    10.00 AM

    Open Our Website

    Make sure to save to your homescreen
    or bookmark it for quick and easy access
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    11.00 AM

    Get Warm

    Within the next couple minutes
    and for as long as the site is open


The idea for this website came about as a coincidence. One day I was holding my phone after using it for a long time and getting my hands warmed by the heat generated...and then it struck me: hey, this is possible, makes sense and it a very quick fix to the heating problem!

So I started working on the code to create a website or an app that makes this happen automatically but is safe enough to not damage devices.

And for it to work on an iPad, MacBook, desktop and laptop computer...and not just my iPhone and other smartphone devices...I decided to create a website that runs the warmth code.

And that's how was born

Can you already feel yourself getting warmer? :)

During the colder months heating bills sky rocket. With the severe weather which seems to have become the norm it is becoming harder to keep our home heated with the rising cost of energy.

This amazing website will create free heat for any room in your home or just your hands!

All you need is an internet enabled device (smartphone, desktop computer, laptop, mac, iPhone, etc) and your room, hands, cubicle, etc is getting heated up!

There's also when you're out and need your hands warm!

Never Get Cold and Freezing

By keeping this website at 'thumb reach'. Bookmark this website today.

...and share with those you want to not get cold

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Here are the questions we get the most from our users...and out answers to them.

No, it should work on any device with a modern web browser. Keep in mind it will discharge your battery faster, so not recommended for long use on the go. Some other use cases include using your desktop PC or gaming rig as a space heater.
I wanted a short and memorable way to heat up my Macbook this winter while using it on my lap to write emails, papers, etc.
This site heats up your Macbook or other portable device by using CPU cycles to calculate hashes for a cryptocurrency called Monero ("XMR"). Any proceeds go towards paying for the site hosting and domain registration.
It is just as efficient as a heated blanket if using a laptop on your lap and no less efficient than a space heater if using a desktop PC as desktop CPUs use more energy and can get fairly warm.
For sure, if you are serious about this, take a look at Coinhive to get started.

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